The Mortal Instruments: Handcrafted Angelic Power Rune Necklace

One of Moonfire Charms’ Shadowhunter rune jewellery is complete! Check out our wire-wrapped Angelic Power Rune necklace!


This Angelic Power rune pendant was made using black polymer clay. I wire-wrapped silver aluminium wire around the rune to give it a more complex look and also to have the 3-dimensional effect. The runes that Shadowhunters draw on their bodies always leave a faint silvery scar afterwards, and the silver wire is also a tribute to that effect, adding the silvery look to the rune.

Here’s what it looks like when worn, with yours truly as the model:

cass-angelic-power-runeDon’t you just love the silvery effect of the pendant?

A close-up view:


Jackie, my 3-year-old kitty had a field day trying to chase the wire as I was doing the wire-wrapping.

jackie-wire-1“It’s moving! Is it alive??”

jackie-wire-2“Nothing moving  gets away from my paws!”

Wire-wrapping this pendant has also re-ignited my love for working with wire. Other than the rune necklace, I also made some wire-wrapped gemstone rings!  Am really happy with what I made =) Here’s a sneak preview:


More about the gemstone rings in the next post! In the meantime, the Shadowhunter Angelic Power Rune necklace is available here. It’s hard work doing the wire-wrapping, and definitely limited edition, so grab it while you can!