About Us

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Geekery and Gemstones Galore!


At Moonfire Charms, we are all about geekery and gemstone jewelry! We offer geekery book and movie-inspired jewelry, ranging from comic superheroes to dystopian books, as well as movie adaptations. We also offer one-of-a-kind semi-precious gemstone jewelry, as well as other gemstone items. Our jewelry style is bold and unique!

You can find us on Etsy, Ebay, as well as our exclusive geekery jewelry-only site, Moonfire Charms!

About Cassandra Tan


Moonfire Charms is owned by Cassandra Tan, a budding entrepreneur and jewelry artist from Singapore. She loves to read, and has a particular fondness for fantasy fiction, where entire worlds are created and anything is possible! She draws inspiration from these fantasy worlds and channels her creativity into creating geekery jewelry. She aims to bring geekery fans a physical, tangible connection with their favourite book/movie character.

She also loves gemstones and is forever fascinated by how Mother Nature creates such beautiful wonders. She captures that natural beauty of gemstones into bold, unique jewelry.

When not designing jewellery, she enjoys spending time with her two cats, Jackie and Fatty.